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Half-Life Pictures
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June 4, 2001
We started recording with Dave Bohn yesterday. We worked on 7 songs:
Without You
Ex-Girlfriend (soon to take on a new title)
Back At You (formerly titled, "Revenge")
Walk Away From Me
Like a Dream (running title)
Only One

We will be doing vocals for these songs this week then we will be going in again to record at least 3 more songs. The experience was really intense. We worked our butts off rehersing this stuff so we could go in Sunday and do it. We started about noon and worked until about 8:30. I think our sound is alot better compared to the session we did in January. We are taking our time to do it right. John Yoder and Derrick Hooley joined us and took some pictures, so there will be some up shortly. I'm really excited about what we have done and what we have yet to come. We have some upcoming shows so keep looking on this site and the site for the info. -brad